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Retaining walls are moderately hard barriers that support soil laterally, allowing it to be maintained at various levels on both sides. Retaining walls are constructions that are used to hold soil in place on a slope. Retaining walls are the heroes we need when dealing with slopped terrains as they create functional areas. Benefits of adding Retaining walls are that they can prevent soil erosion, reduce risk of flooding, create landscaping areas, and enhance outdoor spaces. They are frequently used to bind soils between two distinct elevations in parts of terrain with unfavorable slopes or in locations where the landscape must be sculpted and designed.  Retaining Walls have different levels of functionality you can add steps, turn them into gardens, and most importantly turn sloppy areas into functional areas.


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Walls Cherry Hill NJ

Do you want to enhance your space or add outside walls. We are here to help! To compliment your landscaping, use concrete wall blocks.  Landscape wall pavers are ideal for stone retaining walls as well as standalone elements like outdoor kitchens and built-in seats.

Landscaping wall blocks and concrete pavers come in a variety of natural color blends to match any color scheme. There’s a look for every architectural style, with textures that appear like tumbling stone, stacked stone, chiseled stone, or quarried stone. Below you can find the different materials for walls:

Concrete Blocks: This material is available is different shapes and sizes, it is also low maintenance and durable.

Poured Concrete: This option provides a very steady design when design and built properly.

Bricks: Bricks are often use in projects as they resist various climates and are fire repellant.

Limestone: Limestone has a higher price point but it offers a more aesthetically pleasing look. It also adds the benefit of it being fireproof, and resilient to impact.

Insulated Panels: Common for internal use as it is strong and energy efficient. Insulated panel are made by layering insulating foam between two rigid surfaces often made of sheet, plywood, or cement.

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Concrete Contractors Cherry Hill NJ

At Cherry Hill concrete contractors we pride ourselves in providing excellent services in every area of our business.  We are a local company with years of experience where handwork , excellence, and satisfaction have always been priority.  We want our customers to know that we are here for them to help them achieve their vision. We will be more than happy to show you why we are the best concrete company in Cherry Hill and surrounding areas! We are excited to work with you.

At Cherry Hill Concrete Contractors we take pride in the work we do and the transformation in our customers space. We value our customers time, that is why when you hire we will first inspect the area we will be working on to then be able to provide you with an accurate estimate and a timeline for you to know when your project will be done. After all, we know you want to be able to enjoy your new concrete patio, or other concrete surface as soon as possible.

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